What to Remember When Moving

How’s your memory?

Because on moving day, it’s going to be put to the test. You’re going to have to keep your mind on many things at once, while packing, loading, sweating and groaning.

And if you have kids, or it’s raining, or you’re doing it alone, ah jeez…

Here is what to remember to do when moving despite all the distractions. Make a list, and check them off as you go along. It’ll help you avoid that utterly bad realization that you forgot something when you’re already 200 miles away.

What to Remember When Moving

Obviously, you don’t want to leave anything behind, so make sure to double check each room before you drive away. Beyond that, here are the things you will need to remember to do:

For All Moves:

  • Check drawers & freezer – The little things that you can leave behind… to rot.
  • Forward your mail – Forgetting to change your address is one of the most common moving mistakes. It can cost you a lot in the end.
  • Print directions – Make sure you know where you’re going. You don’t want to get lost with all your belongings.
  • Have water & food – Hydrate, and make sure anyone helping you hydrates.
  • Measure – Measure before you load, otherwise you might find that there’s no room for your couch in the moving truck.
  • Label – Label all moving boxes, so you know where they’re going.
  • Lift safely – Whether it means lifting with care or getting help, keep safety in mind. Moving is an easy way to break an ankle.
  • Wear proper attire – Pants, shoes, gloves.
  • Use lighting – If moving at night, have light on hand.


For Moving Companies:

  • Take pictures – Of your stuff, so you can prove whether it was broken in transit.
  • Keep track of time – If you’re being charged by the hour, time your movers.
  • Pack/move valuables on your own – Don’t let movers handle your most precious stuff if you can avoid it.


When Moving Out of a Rental:

  • Take pictures – Document your place before you leave to avoid unwarranted charges.
  • Leave keys/rent – Pay off whatever rent you might owe, and leave the keys.
  • Clean – Clean your place as best you can. Perhaps hire cleaners. The dirtier it is, the more it’ll cost you.
  • Read your lease – Check your rental lease for anything you might need to do.
  • Get your deposit back – Rather than hope your landlord mails it, make sure to get your rental deposit back before you move. That way you’ll know if your landlord is going to deduct any costs from it as well.


Remember to do these things, and also read about the best moving tips we have to offer.


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