We’ll connect you to the affordable, professional movers right for your move, no matter where you’re living now, where you’ll be living in the future, or what cities, towns and states you’ll pass through in between.

Hiring a moving company is a big deal. They can cost you thousands of dollars, and you need to entrust all of your stuff to them. You want to make sure you choose the right one, and that requires knowing what you need.

Our full-service movers are there to help you with every stage of your move, from packing up your old home to unloading in your new one. Whether you need them to do everything or just drive your bed, they can do it, and we can connect you to them in every state in the union, even Alaska!

There are a couple different types of full-service moving companies. Interstate movers, also known as long distance movers, are there to move your stuff hundreds, if not thousands of miles. They are the marathon runners of the moving world and a must for any cross-country move. Learn more about our partnering long-distance movers by clicking the link for your current state.

Of course, not all moves are lengthy. Some are just across town, or even apartment-to-apartment. Fortunately, we address those as well. We can connect you to all sorts of specialized moving companies, from local mom & pops, to office relocators, to apartment movers. Search our listings for the right movers for you.

However short, long, difficult or easy your move might be, and no matter how much help you need, MovingGuru.com has you covered. All of our moving companies are professional movers, licensed and practiced in the art of taping boxes, loading lamps and driving heavy trucks long distances to the doorstep of your new life.