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Full service moving companies offer luxurious moving services, but they come with a luxurious price tag. A more affordable option is self-service moving. Self-service moving is a do-it-yourself process; you pack your belongings and a mover will carry the boxes and deliver them to you at your new address.

Choose from:

  • Commercial Trailers
    This method employs a trailer that transports your possessions to your new home.

  • Portable Containers
    This method has been gaining in popularity. The moving company will bring a special container and leave it at your home; you then fill the container with your belongings. When it is full, call the moving company to have them pick it up and they will deliver it to your new address. No muss. No fuss.

Self-service moving companies offer an affordable solution to moving that will save you tons of time and effort. These companies charge by the number of containers to move and the distance they are moving. Because the containers are smaller than a trailer, you have more control over how many cubic feet you are paying to have moved.

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