What We Do

MovingGuru is a company with big ideas to help you move. Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, we offer a free array of practical tools and information for movers across the country.

We started MovingGuru because we wanted to connect people with good moving companies. People are continually struggling to find the company that best suits their moving needs, and moving companies are constantly searching for new ways to reach the right customers. MovingGuru provides the medium for both sides to meet in a non-pressure situation. We connect customers to moving companies based on the particulars of their moves. And we enable moving companies to market themselves over the Internet for no cost and guaranteed ROI, giving them control over their online marketing strategy.

But Moving is more complicated than hiring a moving company. It’s an ongoing process that’s filled with potential problems. Think about it: changing your mailing address, buying boxes, getting movers insurance, locating a new school… they’re all pitfalls that can cost you time and money.

That’s why we also provide users with comprehensive resources for planning their moves. Our checklists, articles and tools provide people with structured, easy-to-understand approaches to moving. Dare we say, they make moving easy.

Here at MovingGuru, our goal is to use technology to simplify: simply your business, simply hiring a moving company, simplify moving, and simplify your life.