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Why Move to Phoenix?

Phoenix is a flat rocky desert located at the bottom of a large valley but not far from snow covered peaks and pine tree forests. Temperatures range from 80-100+ and the weather is great for outdoor activities. Phoenix is just one in a collection of cities that make up the Phoenix Metro Area, other cities include Glendale, Tempe, Scottsdale and Mesa. Jobs are plentiful and it is one of the fastest growing cities in the country. Learn more by watching our video and reading more about Moving to Phoenix and the Pros and Cons of the city.

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Why Move to San Jose?

San Jose is the heart of the Silicon Valley. Countless websites and tech start ups are located in Silicon Valley. For those looking to break into the technology scene, it is the place to be. Jobs abound and as do fun activities, being home to the San Jose Sharks, San Francisco 49ers, lots of restaurants, bars and theme parks.

San Jose is located at the southern tip of the San Francisco Bay and boasts near perfect weather year round.

Check out our quick video and learn more on our blog about Moving to San Jose and the Pros and Cons of the city.

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Why Move to Oakland?

Oakland is located across the bay from San Francisco. It is the heart of the East Bay which is home to the cities of Berkley, Hayward and Emeryville. On one side of the city is the San Francisco Bay and the other side the Oakland Hills. It is home to blossoming artsy havens and vibrant culinary scenes. Oakland boasts far cheaper rents than San Francisco yet is only 15 minutes away using public transportation.

Watch our quick video below and then check out our blog post with more reasons to move to Oakland, why some people think Oakland is cooler than San Francisco as well as how to move to Oakland.

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Why Move to San Francisco?

San Francisco is a charming city with the Golden Gate Bridge, iconic rows of pastel Victorian style homes, streets that wind up steep hills, skyscrapers and dozens of parks. It has some of the nation’s best public transportation, amazing food, drink, art, museums and clubs.

Our video explains why San Franciscans are willing to pay some of the nation’s highest rents. Read our articles detailing the pros and cons of moving to SF and guide on how to move to SF.

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How to Ship Moving Boxes

If you don’t have much you stuff, you might consider simply mailing your stuff to your new home. Just pack up a few boxes, ship them off and jump on a plane. This is one of the cheapest options for small scale moves.

There are several options for shipping your stuff including USPS, private shipping services, moving pods and trains. Learn about each option in our video. For more details, check out our article on shipping moving boxes, how to pack moving boxes and the 7 .

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What is a Lease Versus a Sublease?

Leases and subleases are used in property rentals and establish the rights and duties of the renter and landlord.

A lease is a contract between a tenant and landlord. The landlord owns the property and allows the renter to lease it for a set amount of time and money under specific conditions.

A sublease is a contract between a renter and another renter. The renter is renting the unit to someone else. The original lease remains in effect during a sublease.

To learn more, watch our quick video and visit our in depth guide to the differences between a lease and sublease.

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Moving Tips

What is the best day to move? How can you avoid damaging your stuff? Have you heard of the AMSA? There are so many things to know when it comes to moving. Let help!

For more information, watch this quick video and visit our in depth online resources including an exhaustive list of start to finish moving tips and a moving checklist.

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How to Clean Before Moving Out

When you are moving out of a rental property, you will have to wash, sweep and scrub; otherwise you can say good bye to your rental deposit refund.

Our video details the pros and cons of cleaning yourself versus hiring a cleaning service. We share do-it-yourself cleaning advice,
tips on how to find a good professional cleaner, how much you can expect to pay for their services and more.

Visit our blog for more details on how to clean a place before moving out, a moving out cleaning checklist, what moving out cleaning services typically cover.

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How to Rent a Storage Unit

Storage units are big investments. If you get the wrong type of unit, your stuff might be in some serious trouble. To make sure you get the right type of unit consider:

  • Location
  • Size
  • Pricing
  • Climate control
  • Type of lock

Watch our brief video below for an overview of the important factors to think about when choosing a storage unit. Our blog has more detailed information on self-storage units, selecting the right size of unit and the best locks for storage units.

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What is a Moving Contract?

A contract is an agreement between two parties to do something for each other. If you hire a moving company, they agree to move your stuff and you agree to pay them.

It sounds simple but there are good contracts and bad contracts. Bad contracts are made through conversation or do not include details. They can lead to hidden fees, disputes and unexpected losses. Good contracts are always in writing and signed by you and the moving company. They address important issues like how you will be charged, maximum price, moving date and time as well as what happens if either party is late.

Watch our quick video to learn more. We also have a detailed articles for additional information specially regarding moving contracts in addition to sample moving contracts.

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