Pros and Cons of San Jose, CA

San Jose is the leader of the new wave of American cities. It’s big, and sprawling, and rich beyond a midwestern city’s wildest dreams.

San Jose is the city of Silicon Valley, home to many/most/all of your favorite tech companies, like Facebook, Apple and Google. People are flocking to t, because its rents are lower than in nearby Oakland and San Francisco, and it offers more job opportunities. Why, even the San Francisco 49ers are moving here to join in, and the Oakland A’s would love to.

But, as much as San Jose has going for it, the place feels like a big suburb, a city that is growing faster than good culture can keep up with. It’s the classic 21st century western dilemma: growth begets sprawl. Get ready for some traffic!

Enough complaining, though. The best thing to do in San Jose is definitely, definitely to enjoy a sunny day near SJSU’s campus, maybe grab a cup of Philz Coffee, then hit up singlebarrel, the downtown speakeasy known for its clever cocktails.

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