Sample moving contracts, also referred to as moving contract templates or forms, are pre-prepared written agreements involving a moving situation. They might have once been used by actual movers, or they might simply be templates created to address hypothetical moving situations.

Sample moving contracts can be very useful for three reasons:

  1. Provide you with insight into what to include in your moving contract
  2. Provide you with terminology to use in your moving contract
  3. Allow you to compare the moving contract you were offered with another moving contract

What sample moving contracts cannot do is automatically serve as your moving contract. Why? Because they were written by someone who knows nothing about you, your needs, your moving company, or the laws that apply to your particular situation.

Below are two sample moving contracts. Use them to help create or analyze your own moving contract, but do not assume that they apply to your situation or that are ready to sign as is. Contact an attorney if you have any questions or concerns about your moving contract.


Sample Moving Contracts

Flat Rate:

A flat rate moving contract is, essentially, an agreement to pay a single, set price for a move.  Learn more about flat rates and how to get them, or go ahead and check out our Flat Rate Moving Contract Template.

Free PDF version: Sample Moving Contract – Flat Rate


An hourly rate moving contract allows a moving company to charge you a set price per hour or work they do, plus other potential charges. Learn more about how movers charge, or go ahead and check out our Hourly Rate Moving Contract Template.

Free PDF version: Sample Moving Contract – Hourly Rate