How to Move to Oakland

Moving to Oakland, unlike moving to San Francisco or Austindoes not require a lot of money and networking. Rather, it involves some street smarts and an intricate understanding of the area.

Oakland, California, is a place to live, especially for young people. However, it has many bad neighborhoods, which most people are unaware of. Additionally, if a recent transplant is going to fully take advantage of the bay area job market, he or she needs to pick a place near public transportation. Here are our top five tips for how to move to Oakland.

Avoid East Oakland – East Oakland is where the —- goes down. Sure, crime happens all over the city, like in every city, but south/east of Lake Merritt sees the majority of it. Try to live in downtown Oakland or just north of it, in Temescal, Grand Lake, Piedmont, Rockridge and/or the Oakland Hills.

Know the BART routes – BART is what makes the East Bay so awesome. Oaklanders who can use BART can get into San Francisco faster than most San Franciscans and anyone else who’s dealing with the bridges. BART cuts through Oakland in many areas – try to live within a mile of a stop.

Embrace other cultures – Whatever you are, your neighbors probably won’t be. Because rents are lower and it is a dense city, Oakland is a highly diverse place with people of all races and ethnicities rubbing elbows in just about every neighborhood. Be ready for this, and enjoy it. Hit up the famous Koreana Market for some Kimchi, the southern BBQ spot, the neighborhood Ethiopian restaurant, or Chinatown for some cheap, unique produce.

Embrace grit – Oakland is a dingy place in many respects. Expect graffiti, homeless, and dilapidated homes. However, if you can handle seeing those things, there is a lot of beauty in the area, especially up into the hills and near Lake Merritt and Jack London Square.

Look to the East – The far east bay, including Pleasanton and Walnut Creek, is very accessible to Oaklanders and has a healthy job market. Take advantage of these areas when looking for work, and use BART to your advantage.


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