Why Move to Alaska?

Alaska, it’s really cold there, right? And dark? And isn’t Sara Palin from there? Why would anybody… I mean… why move to Alaska?

There are a lot of reasons to move to Alaska. Here are our top five reasons to pack up and move to America’s largest and northernmost state:

  1. Snow Sports – Alaska is a great place for skiing, cross-country skiing, ice skating and snowboarding. Though the middle of winter might be dark and miserably cold, the snow hangs around deep into the spring, allowing people to enjoy snow sports of all kinds in fairly nice weather.
  2. Isolation – Alaska is out there. What do we mean by that? Vancouver, Canada, is the closest large city to Juneau, Alaska’s southernmost city, and it would take 38 hours to drive between the two. It would take an additional 21 hours to drive from Juneau to Anchorage, and additional 6 to Fairbanks from Anchorage, and then that’s it; there’s really no other relatively large city in the state. There is a lot of nature and a lot of space to get lost in, and anyone moving to Alaska should kind of want that.
  3. Summer – Summertime melts the snow. Fields of grasses sprout to life, animals flocks to the rushing rivers, and trees blossom. The Alaskan lands are considered some of the most awe-striking in the world. Because the days become long (over 20 hours of sun each day), residents have plenty of opportunities to explore the beautiful, grandiose landscape.
  4. Adventure – Alaska does not have a club scene. It does not have a professional sports scene. It does not have a bustling shopping scene, or foodie scene, or pool/beach scene. Alaska specializes in adventure – hunting, fishing, hiking, mountain climbing, becoming one with a pack fo Grizzlies…
  5. Aurora Borealis – During the winter, energized particles from the sun hitting earth’s magnetic field are clearly visible as ribbons of green and pink in the sky. Those who have seen the aurora attest to its alien beauty.


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