Pros and Cons of Phoenix, AZ

In Phoenix, everything boils down to the broiling sun. The winter/spring weather is fantastic, because the sun is kept at just the right burn. However, come summer, the roadways turn into skillets and the once-cool pools become bathwater. The sun affects other things as well. For example, it wouldn’t be nearly as bad if everything wasn’t so spread out, making people either have to drive hot cars or walk miles in 100-degree heat to get to a destination.

Then again, without the sun out so often, Phoenix wouldn’t be a resort/golf/biking/hiking capital.

Now, for those who came here for something specific to do in the sun, here’s a recommendation for you. The best thing to do in Phoenix is to float the Salt River on a hot day, then have someone drive you to downtown Phoenix for a post-float beer at the Lost Leaf. No joke. Do it.

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