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What are Moving Pods?

Moving pods are actually just big crates, they are big enough to fit large items like beds and couches but are small enough to fit on a truck. A moving company will deliver the crate to your home, you fill it up and the moving company transports the crate to your new home. Moving pods are perfect if:

  • 1. You can pack and load stuff on your own
  • 2. You are moving a long distance
  • 3. You do not want to drive a moving truck

This video will provide more information about moving pods, pricing compared to other options, pros and cons and help you decide if a moving pod is the right option for you. For more details about moving pods visit our blog.

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How to Move Without a Job

Do you want to follow your dreams to a city where you don’t yet have a job? Many people do just that successfully.

Check out our video below for instructions on how to put together a budget for your move and what kind of housing to look for in your new city.

For detailed instructions, visit our how to guide and read up on moving without a job.

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How to Move a Mattress Yourself

You can do without a lot of furniture but a bed is not one of them. You will need a mattress the day you move in. If you have decided to move the bed yourself, follow these 5 steps:

  • 1. Know the local laws and state statutes
  • 2. Use thick rope
  • 3. Tie properly (we recommend watching our video below for help on this)
  • 4. Reinforce
  • 5. Drive slowly

Also check out our article with tips on how to tie a mattress to a car.

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How to Move a Plant

Taking a plant with you to your new home is a perfect way to maintain a bit of your old place but plants can be fragile so you should take care when moving them.

Follow these 5 steps to ensure your plant has a happy and safe journey to your new home.

  • 1. Research your plant to understand any concerns to be aware of during transportation
  • 2. Research state laws regarding the regulation of plants across state borders
  • 3. Pot and prune
  • 4. Box and anchor
  • 5. Keep it safe, avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures

For more information watch the quick video below and check out our in depth blog post about moving plants.

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Ways to Move

There are so many decisions to make when moving it can be overwhelming. One decision we can help with is figuring out how to move your home.

There are 4 basic moving options:

  • 1. Full service
  • 2. You-pack
  • 3. Truck rental
  • 4. Do it yourself

Our video below outlines all of your options and the pros and cons of each. If you still need help, read our in depth article on deciding how to move.

You can also get free full service and self service moving estimates from licensed companies on our site.

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How to Find a Reputable Moving Company

Unfortunately, the world is ripe with bad moving companies; some are unlicensed, some are careless and some are downright scams. To make matters worse, distinguishing a good moving company from a bad one can be a challenge.

We offer a simple way to get free moving quotes from licensed companies.

You can also do things like local searches, read online reviews, explore company websites and get references. Doing these things can help you find a trustworthy moving company. For more details, watch our video.

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What is a Binding Not-to-Exceed Moving Estimate?

What is, and why should you care about a binding not-to-exceed estimate?

When you first talk to a moving company, you will get an estimate or quote. In fact, you can get multiple free moving quotes in under a minute on our site.

An important distinction is that a quote or estimate does not equal the final price. Watch our video to learn how to get a binding moving quote and ensure a good moving quote ends up being a good moving bill.

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How Much Do Movers Cost?

Naturally you want to know how much your move will cost. Trying to answer how much movers cost is like trying to answer what a dinner bill will run you. Fortunately, there are just 3 main factors that will contribute to the cost of your move:

1. What services will you need? Do you need help with packing, loading, driving or will you do it yourself?

2. Where are you moving to and where are you leaving from? The farther away your move, the more pricey.

3. How will you be charged? Will there be any additional fees for overtime or gas? Companies can charge, hourly, a flat rate, by the mile or by the pound.

The one true way to find out is by getting a quick moving estimate.

For more details on determining the cost of your move, view our quick how to video:

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Pros and Cons of Lawton, OK

Thanks in part to Fort Sill and Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, Lawton, OK has a very strong economy. With two industrial parks and the revitalization of the downtown are, the employment potential here is high. This may not be the place for sports fans, though, as there are no professional or major college teams nearby.

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Pros and Cons of Clovis, CA

Food lovers will find a little piece of heaven in Clovis, CA. With over 200 restaurants, ranging from fast food to fine dining, there is sure to be something that you will enjoy. While you are out enjoying the endless food possibilities, you should be cautious of the air that you are breathing. Clovis is known for having air that is of poorer quality than what ozone standards allow.

Check out some Clovis moving companies today.

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