Are moving pods a vegetable?

No, they’re big metal containers for your stuff.  But they can be as good for you move as vegetables are for your body.

Moving pods, also known as you-pack containers and moving cubes, allow you to avoid the costs associated with moving companies and the inconvenience of driving a moving truck across the country. They’re great options for single movers.

But how do they work?

What Are Moving Pods?

Moving pods are large metal containers than you can load your possessions into, like a moving truck in a way.

There are a number of companies out there that offer moving pod services.  These companies have a variety of pods sizes, which you can reserve for your move.

Once you reserve a pod, the company will drop the pod off at your home.  You then load it with your stuff on your own time.  Later, the company comes back, picks up the pod, and drives it to your new home, where you unload it.

Here are the steps again:

  1. Rent a moving pod from a business
  2. The business delivers empty pod
  3. You load the pod
  4. The business picks up pod from your home
  5. The business drives the pod to your new home
  6. The business drops off pod
  7. You unload pod
  8. The business picks up empty pod

Why Get a Moving Pod?

Moving pods can be the perfect moving option for a number of individuals. Here are the common reasons people get moving pods:

  • Cheaper than a moving company
  • Don’t want to drive a moving truck
  • Only need help transporting stuff – That is, they can do the packing and loading on their own.
  • Easier – Moving pods might take more effort, but there’s less to have to worry about — no tips, no hidden charges, no crooked movers, no hiding embarrassing stuff

How to Get a Deal on Moving Pods

Moving pods can be quite pricey, especially considering you do most of the work. However, if you put in enough time examining your options and getting free moving pod quotes for moving pods, you should be able to find an affordable moving pod company.


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