Finding Free Moving Supplies

Want some free moving boxes?

You can find free moving materials just about anywhere.  It’s not hard.  And in the end, using free moving supplies can save you anywhere from $20 to $200, depending on how much you have to move.

How to Find Free Moving Materials

  • Boxes and Containers – You are probably moving a bunch of containers that can double as moving boxes, whether it’s your dresser, a trash can or a cooler. You can also find free cardboard boxes of all sizes in your community.  Grocery stores, restaurants and warehouses often have more boxes than they know what to do with.  Ask them if you can have some, and they will probably readily give you more than you need.
  • Fastening – Tape might be an unavoidable expense if you don’t have any around, but many things can function as rope to fasten your belongings in place, such as fishing line, twine, electric cords and bungee cords.
  • Packaging – Newspapers, magazines and paper bound for the recycling bin are all great packaging for protecting your belonging, especially if shredded or crumpled.  Blankets and towels can also help cushion your fragile stuff during a move.
  • Bags – They might not look pretty, but garbage bags are flexible and durable ways to transport clothing and other fabrics.
  • Labels – You don’t have to buy labels or stickers.  Just grab a marker and write directly on the box or on a piece of tape.
  • Moving Blankets – Old towels and blankets will work.
  • Furniture Sliders – Thick pieces of fabric can fulfill the role of furniture sliders – just make sure to tape them in place.

This list is by no means exhaustive.  Just turn a discerning eye to your surroundings, and you will be able to find a lot of free supplies for your move.

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