Where to Get Moving Supplies

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Do you need moving materials?

Moving supplies are the lubricant of a smooth move.  If you try to move without the right ones, you’re going to waste a lot of time, and you might end up damaging some of your valuables.  So, before you start packing, make sure you have the right supplies on hand.

What You Need:

  • Moving Boxes – moving boxes come in all shapes and sizes.  They are light, durable and easy to transport, and they are perfect for packing most belongings, including dishes, electronics and books.
  • Packaging – use bubble wrap, packing paper, and cushioning foam to stuff boxes and protect your valuables.
  • Bags – bags range from trash bags to moving bags designed to protect furniture.  Bags are can protect irregular shapes and stretch around clothing and blankets.
  • Tape – tape should be used to seal boxes and secure items.
  • Markers and labels – always label boxes and bags.
  • Blankets – blankets can prevent scratching on furniture.
  • Rope and bungee cords – these will help secure your larger possessions so they don’t slide around and bump into things during transportation.

Where to Buy Supplies

  • Moving supply stores are a one-stop shop for everything you need.  Places that rent moving trucks, like Budget, also sell moving supplies, as do some self-storage facilities.
  • Office supply stores are also good resources for the basics, but they won’t likely carry specialty or extra-large boxes.
  • Online outlets, like Amazon, are great places to shop for moving supplies… and without having to leave your house!  There are even sites out there that specifically sell moving materials.

Get Free Supplies!

Moving supplies aren’t terrifically expensive, but you can find most of them for free in your home or community.  Learn how to find free moving supplies for your upcoming move.

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