Cardboard boxes are like bread and butter to anyone preparing to move. Try mixing and matching different types of them in order to expedite your moving experience.

Book Boxes
Book boxes are made of a more durable cardboard material than most moving boxes so that they can hold heavier items such as canned food, kitchen appliances, and—you guessed it—books. They usually have cut-out slots on the sides, which are convenient to slip your hands through and carry around the house.

Dish Pack Boxes
Dish pack boxes are extremely useful because unlike most moving boxes, they’re made with slots on the inside for—again, you guessed it—your dishes. Some of them have partitions for glassware as well, designed to keep all fragile household implements away from each other to minimize the risk of breakage.

File Boxes
For anyone transporting the contents of a home office, the file box is an absolute essential. It’s threaded through with metal rods on the sides so that you can easily hang files, folders, and whatever other paperwork needs to be kept organized for your move.

Lamp Boxes
Lamp boxes aren’t categorically necessary for someone preparing to relocate, but they’re useful in case you own anything long, such as a golf club or telescope, and want to keep it protected during your move. It’s made with a thicker base for balance.

Mirror Boxes and TV Boxes
These types of moving boxes mimic the way your mirror or TV might have been packaged when you first bought it and took it home. They’re secure on all sides and designed to be flush with your flat screen object so as to decrease any chances of bumping or sliding around.

Shoe Boxes
Shoe boxes, especially the plastic Sterilite ones that can be found in most major chain stores, are very useful when storing and protecting your shoes. Consider tucking small objects like figurines or office supplies in any leftover space—shoe boxes are a great way to manage knickknacks during your move without losing them.

Wardrobe Boxes
Wardrobe boxes are suitable for all clothing, but as they can get a bit pricey for anyone with a full closet, try buying just a few at first. They’re a convenient way to keep clothing on their hangers, preventing them from becoming wrinkled. They’re also good because you can consolidate your hangers in one place—people usually dump them in trash bags, and they get tangled.

Rental Moving Boxes

These are plastic moving boxes that can be rented from an agency, who drops them off at your home and picks them up from your new home. They are sturdy, waterproof and range in size, depending on what you need.

Waterproof Moving Boxes

Like rental moving boxes, these boxes are strong, plastic boxes that range in size. You can buy them, however, and you should if you expect a wet move or to be storing your stuff in them in a basement, attic or garage, because they protect better against the elements.

Other Materials to Invest In:
• Bubble roll to wrap around fragile items
• Plastic covers to keep your mattress clean
• All-purpose cardboard boxes for any other miscellaneous objects

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