Rental Moving Boxes

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Yes, there are moving boxes for rent. A single bedroom apartment owner can expect to throw down about $100 to rent moving boxes. And no, they won’t get moldy, worn-out cardboard boxes that some guy stored his dead fish collection in…

What Are They? Rental moving boxes, also known as reusable moving boxes, are generally plastic crates that come in varying sizes and number, depending on how many rooms you have. Because they are made of durable plastic, these moving boxes can be reused and rented out to dozens customers.

Why Rent? Rental moving boxes are a worthwhile investment for many movers, because they are strong and waterproof. People are assured that their moving boxes will protect their stuff no matter what, unlike cardboard boxes, which can dent, rip, and get wet.

Who to Contact? There are many companies that offer moving box rentals. Search for “reusable moving boxes” or “rental moving boxes” in your city, and you should find a couple.

Some things to consider when choosing a rental box company:

  • How many boxes you get – Make sure you rent enough to cover your needs, but not many more. This will require understanding how much the boxes fit, and how many you get.
  • How much they cost – Places may charge by time (weekly) or by size.
  • Timing – When do you need to return the rentals.
  • Transportation – Are there any restrictions on how you can move the boxes? And what’s the easiest way to carry them?
  • Cleaning – If a box gets wet or stained, do you need to clean it?


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