Waterproof Moving Boxes

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If you want to protect your things from the rain, sleet or snow, waterproof moving boxes are the way to go.

Waterproof moving boxes are, essentially, plastic moving boxes that seal tightly. They prevent water from entering, and are not prone to soaking if subject to a leak. They are stronger than normal, cardboard moving boxes, which can easily get soaked or softened if subject to rain or leaks, subjecting their contents to damage.

Waterproof moving boxes are also called reusable moving boxes, and any company that offers rental moving boxes is offering waterproof moving boxes. They are all terms for the same thing – plastic boxes.


How Much Do Waterproof Moving Boxes Cost?

It depends on the size, of course, but the average-sized plastic moving box will run you about $8 to buy.

You can also buy regular moving boxes with a special waterproof coating for less than $1 each, but those aren’t as sturdy and might still fail if they sit in leaking water. They’re good if you just need to carry them through the rain, though.

If you go with rental moving boxes, you can look to pay anywhere between $100 and $200, depending on the size of your home. Some places offer deals – you should be able to find a rental company that will offer you enough boxes to move a multi-room home for $120, and an single apartment for less than $100. I mean, they’re plastic boxes – shop around a bit and look for a deal.


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