Calculating the Cost of Moving

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How much does moving cost?

Using a moving cost calculator is a good way to estimate the cost of your move. However, to arrive at the most accurate price, you need to take into account all of your moving and post-moving costs:

Moving costs

Actually moving your stuff will be the most expensive part of your move.  Here’s what to include in your final price:

  • Moving supplies – If you aren’t hiring full-service movers, you’ll probably need to get moving boxes, tape, packaging, and rope, among other things.
  • Special possessions – If you have a pet, an expensive painting or heavy possessions that can’t be boxed up easily, you might have to account for additional costs.
  • Transportation and lodging – If you plan on driving to your new place, think about the cost of gas and any hotel stays.  If you’re flying, you’ll need to account for your plane ticket.

Post-move costs

After you move, there will be some unavoidable costs.  While often cheaper than the move itself, these costs can add up, and you need to consider them.

  • Rent and deposit – if you are renting an apartment, get ready to have to pay first month’s rent and a substantial deposit when you move in.
  • Utilities – you might need to pay deposits on certain utilities.
  • Storage – if you can’t fit everything into your new place, you might need to find some outside storage for it, at least for a month or two.
  • Food & Essentials – you’ll need to stock up your place with some food and basic needs when you first move in, prior to your first paycheck.  So, make sure you have that money on hand.

What do I do if moving is too expensive?

If the overall cost is too high, don’t panic.  You can lower moving expenses in a number of ways, from finding free moving supplies, to selling your unwanted stuff, to doing everything yourself.  Come up with a different moving plan and see if you can reach a better price.

Next Step: Getting Moving Supplies

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