Worried about driving a moving truck?

Fortunately, there are companies out there that will do the driving for you.

You-Pack companies (also U-Pack and moving pods) will deliver a large crate to your house.  Then, after you load it up with your stuff, they’ll drive it to your new home for you.  It’s quick, easy and means you don’t have to hire a moving company OR drive a moving truck!

Benefits of You-Pack Services

  • Cheaper than full-service moversIf you can pack your belongings yourself, then you can save hundreds of dollars on moving services by hiring a you-pack service.
  • You control your belongings – Though the company does the driving, you get to pack your belongings and make sure they are well secured in the pod.
  • Renting a truck isn’t cheap – Remember, you have to pay to rent a moving truck and for the gas to drive it.  These costs can add up for long moves, and in the end they might be only marginally less, if not more, than hiring a you-pack service.

Additional Considerations

Hiring a you-pack service is like hiring any moving service.  You should know what you’re paying for, and you should be able to trust them with your stuff.  Here are four major issues to consider when hiring a you-pack company:

  • Rate basis – Are you charged for miles?  Is there a flat rate based on the size of the unit, or do you pay for weight?
  • Pay for what you use – Some you-pack companies will charge you for the unit itself; others will charge you for the amount of space you use in the unit.  If the latter, you can take extra care to use less space in the unit.
  • Moving insuranceBecause you won’t be driving your valuables across the country, make sure you know what will happen if the truck ends up in an accident or your belongings get ruined in transit.  A you-pack service might insure everything, it might give a flat rate, or it might offer you insurance for a price.  Whatever your protection is, make sure it’s in the contract.
  • Reviews – Check for reviews on the Internet to make sure that prior customers were satisfied with the company’s service.

Learn more by comparing the pros and cons of You Pack services with other moving services.

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