Hiding Embarrassing Stuff from a Moving Company

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Are you worried about your movers seeing your stuff?

We all have some pretty embarrassing stuff, ranging from childhood pictures to, um, bedroom supplies. We all have some important personal info that we don’t share with even our closet friends, too. And certainly, we all have things best left unseen by Joe Mover.

There’s no shame in not wanting to maintain your privacy while moving, but how can you do it?

  • Hire a reputable company – Make sure to hire a reputable moving crew. You should be able to trust that your movers will respect your privacy and not snoop around or steal your stuff.
  • Secure boxing – Place your shameful stuff in moving boxes, then tape them securely and label them vaguely.  Movers won’t have any way to see in the box or guess its contents.
  • Use plastic bags – Actually, don’t just put your unmentionables in moving boxes; wrap them in black garbage bags first. Also, if something smells suspicious: bag, tape, towel, tape.
  • Drapes – If you have something that is too big to box, cover it instead. For example, if you have a sculpture of a nude clown that you really enjoy but kind of weirds people out, cover it in a black sheet, and tape the sheet securely in place.
  • Lock and key – Your important files, checks, business ideas, and personal information shouldn’t be shared with anybody. Movers are no exception. Though we’re not here to spread fear about dishonest movers, when it comes to vital information, if your movers are going to handle it, make sure they can’t access it. Using a padlock on a file cabinet is a good idea.
  • Keep it with you – The best way to keep your private life private is to keep it private, right? Don’t expose it to others, and keep it by your side at all times. When it comes to moving, bring your personal stuff with you in your own car or carry on bag. Let the movers take the rest.

Protect your privacy from your movers, but do all you can to pry into their practices. Lean about what questions to ask a moving company.