Do you tip a mover?

Moving is a sweaty, grunty, blue-collar sort of thing.  However, don’t think this means that common courtesy doesn’t apply.  You still need to be considerate of your movers, neighbors, friends and family on moving day.

Here are a few things to consider so you don’t offend anyone:

Provide Water and Help

Unless you’re moving everything yourself, you better be ready to cater to those who are helping you.  Whether you hired movers or are getting free help from your friends, have water and some food on hand, be ready to answer any questions, and do not get too demanding.

If there is anything of particular concern to you, such as a fragile vase, let your moving company know so the movers can handle it is just like you want them to.


Considering the amount of effort movers put in to moving all of your stuff, you might want to tip them, especially if they do a good job.  Tipping movers is an inexact science.  However, you can expect to tip your movers 5% of the total bill or somewhere between $10 and $40 each, depending on the involvement of the move and their attitude and demeanor.

Saying Thanks

If somebody helps you move, tell them you appreciate it, even if you are paying them.  This can mean as little as saying “thank you,” or it can involve gifts, like flowers or a case of beer, and returned favors.  The way you say thanks is only limited by your imagination and sincerity.

Meeting Neighbors

When you move to a new area, you should meet your new neighbors as soon as possible, though they might come meet you first.  When you meet your neighbors, tell them about things that you think might bother them, like your late-night tuba practice.  Also, learn what their pet peeves are and explain yours.

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