Be ready to bargain with your moving company.

When you call a moving company to get a moving quote, they’ll ask what you’re moving and when, along with a few more questions. However, if you leave it at that and just agree to their price, you’re making a big mistake.

Asking the right questions can lead to a cheaper over-all moving price. It can also help you identify unnecessary services, hidden charges, and outright scams. This article will detail what you should talk to your moving company about and why.

What You Should Ask Your Moving Company (Before You Sign!)

When you’re talking to your moving company, make sure to ask these questions. Don’t worry about annoying them. Any good business knows that a smart customer will ask important questions. You will not be penalized for it.

Service & Pricing Questions

  • Can I get a binding moving price?  Why: Binding moving prices with caps are the BEST moving prices you can get. That way you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for.
  • Do you have flat rates? Why: Flat rates are the best pricing for certain moves. Learn more about when flat rates are best.
  • How many movers will you use? Why: If you’re paying hourly, you’ll want to know how many people will be working, especially if you’re paying each of them by the hour.
  • How long will it take?  Why: You should know how long to expect people to be trudging through your home, especially if you have an open moving estimate.
  • What is your cancellation policy?  Why: If you decide to move on another date, it could end up costing you.
  • Will I be charged for “____”?  Why: Fees are often added for things like stairs and mileage without you knowing. Make sure to ask about common hidden charges and whether you’ll be charged for them: (1) stairs, (2) parking, (3) packing, (4) lunch breaks, (5) waiting time, (6) storage, (7) extra weight, (8) extra time, (9) extra movers, (10) bad weather, (11) distance/mileage, (12) gas, (13) space used in truck.
  • Does the estimate include insurance for my belongings?  Why: Some moving companies offer just the bare minimum for moving insurance, which means you get paid roughly $16 for your shattered 50-inch flat screen TV.

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Money-Saving Questions

  • When do you lower your rates?  Why: Many moving companies raise their rates on weekends and at the end of the month. Knowing this can save you money.
  • Do you offer free packing?  Why: Most companies charge for packing services, but you might be able to catch a deal if you ask with lips like sugar.
  • Do you offer free moving supplies?  Why: Some companies will give you moving boxes when you sign up.
  • Do you offer free storage?  Why: If your moving company beats you to your new home, they’ll have to hold onto your stuff until your arrive. Many charge for this.

How to Weed Out Moving Scams and Bad Companies

  • Are you insured and licensed?  Why: Moving companies should be both insured and licensed; those that aren’t are either dangerously incompetent or scams.
  • How long have you been in business?  Why: Ideally, you’ll get an experienced moving company that knows the ins and outs of the moving process.
  • Have you handled “_____” before?  Why: Expertise comes with experience. If you have an expensive, say, piano to move, you should know if your movers have handled such an expensive piano before.
  • Can I get a customer reference? Why: Talking to a prior customer is the best way to learn whether your moving company is legit. If you can’t get a reference, go online to find moving company reviews.


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