How to Find the Best Moving Company Reviews

Can’t find your moving company online?

Checking your moving company’s reputation is very important. There are a lot of bad movers out there, and even some outright moving scams. Reading reviews is the best way to avoid those problems.

But finding reviews on a small moving business can be difficult. Here’s where to look for online reviews:


Where to Find the Best Moving Company Reviews

  • – Most reputable businesses have Yelp pages that they created or a customer created for them. Yelp is probably the best place to find reviews on the Internet.
  • – Google lets businesses register with it, and customers can leave comments and reviews on its page.
  • – Yahoo!, like Google, has pages for businesses that include comments and reviews.
  • Online forums – Online forums are great places to cast a line, so to speak., moving-related websites, and city-specific websites all have forums that let users post questions — you can ask about your moving company there.
  • – Check to see if your moving company is on Facebook, and, if so, what people have to say about it.

It’s not 1996 anymore.  The vast majority of businesses, no matter how small, have some sort of online presence.  If you can’t find your moving company on any of the above-listed websites, it’s probably time to look elsewhere.

That being said, reviews alone aren’t good enough when it comes to finding a legitimate moving company. A customer might have had a good experience, but that doesn’t mean the company is good for you. Learn how to find the right moving company for your move.

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