How to Find a Moving Company

Need some major help moving?

A full-service move is the traditional way to move.  A moving company comes to your house, packs your stuff, loads it into a truck, drives it to your new place, and then unloads it for you.

Hiring a moving company is a big investment.  Depending on how much you need moved and to where, you can be looking at over $10,000.  However, there are a lot of reasons that you should bite the bullet and pay up.  Consider the following factors when deciding whether to hire a moving company, then get some free moving quotes:


Why You Should Hire a Moving Company


Moving companies have handled hundreds of moves before, many probably more difficult than yours.  They know the ins and outs of moving.  Here’s what they’re better than you at:

  • Carrying your possessions – Moving companies know how to carry everything from TVs to pianos, and when something is abnormally difficult to carry, they have the equipment necessary to move it safely and efficiently.
  • Protecting and securing your possessions – Moving companies have the supplies needed to protect your possessions from breaking or getting scratched, and they know how to pack and load your possessions so they aren’t damaged during transit.
  • Driving a moving truck – For those who have never driven a moving truck, it’s not like driving a car.  It’s more cumbersome, dangerous and stressful.  Moving companies are familiar with the pitfalls of driving a moving truck and know how to navigate the roads with them better than most.
  • Unloading your possessions – Loading your possessions is tough enough, but unloading them in an unfamiliar place is even more difficult.  Moving companies are used to loading and unloading in diverse environments.


Can you lift and carry everything you own alone or with a couple of friends?  If not, or if you think it might be risky, you should hire a professional.

Furthermore, moving a mattress, a TV and a beanbag chair is one thing.  Moving a four bedroom house is another.  Even if you can lift and load each thing you own on its own, your body might not be prepared to load everything you own.

Moving companies have the manpower to load everything you own safely and efficiently, protecting your possessions, your biceps and your back.

Time Saving

Moving takes time.  If you live in a three bedroom house, for example, you will spend hours just packing your belongings into boxes, and that’s the easy stuff.  You’ll also need to disassemble furniture and larger possessions, protect them from potential damage, carry them to the truck and load them… then do it all in reverse once your arrive at your new home.  This process can take more than hours; it can take days.

If you have job or obligations that can’t be avoided, you might need to hire a moving company simply to avoid spending the time necessary to move.


Choosing a Moving Company


Moving companies vary widely in their rates.  Each will charge different prices based on the time of day, time of week, time of month, how much stuff you have, where you’re going, whether you have stairs… anything and everything.  However, companies generally stick to three different types of rates:

  • Flat rate – Based on a number of factors, the moving company offers you one price for the entire move.
  • Hourly – You pay the entire company or each mover by the hour.
  • Weight/Distance – Moving companies charge set prices based on weight and miles.

Get some moving quotes, and compare your different pricing options before settling on a moving company. Also, make sure you brush up on common hidden moving charges, so you can avoid them in your moving contract.


Check moving reviews of different moving companies on sites like Yelp! and Google. If possibly, try to talk to people who hired that moving company, like friends, family and co-workers. Learn where to find moving company reviews.

Also, make sure that your moving company is reputable by checking whether it is licensed and insured.

Mover’s Insurance

Moving companies automatically provide mover’s insurance for your possessions, and most will let you buy some additional insurance for a relatively low price.  If you move on your own, you will need to contact to a third party insurance company if you want to insure your stuff, and they won’t be giving you anything for free.

Learn about what to ask moving companies.

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