How to Check a Moving Company’s Reputation

Is your moving company trustworthy?

Like anything, the moving world is filled with scams and shady businesses.  Even if people aren’t outright robbed, they can be victimized by an unlicensed or poorly-equipped moving company.

But how can you determine whether your moving company is reputable?

Information You Need About Your Moving Company

The first step in determining whether a moving company is reputable is to get its information.  That way, you can run your own background check.  Here’s what you need:

  1. Full business name (legal name and DBA)
  2. State carrier license number
  3. USDOT number (for interstate/long-distance movers)
  4. Insurance carrier
  5. Phone number
  6. Email address
  7. Physical office address

Find Out If a Moving Company Is Reputable

  • Read Reviews – Get online and try to find some reviews on the moving company.  Yelp and Google are good resources.  Additionally, check with local realtors and/or past customers (if you can get a reference) about the company.  How to find moving company reviews.
  • Check Business Status – If your moving company purports to be a corporation or an LLC, ask what state it’s incorporated in, and check the state’s Secretary of State website to get the status of the company.  If its corporte status doesn’t exist, or if it is revoked, cancelled or suspended, avoid the company.
  • Check Licenses – Go onto the US Department of Transportation’s website and search the company using its license number.  You can do the same on the applicable state website for the state license (search: “state [xxx] moving company license number”).
  • Review Insurance – Check the company’s insurance policy to ensure it is covered in the event something happens during your move.  Call the carrier if you’re concerned.

If you determine that the moving company is legitimate, then start asking questions to get the best moving price.