Did you rent a moving truck?

Moving trucks are tough to drive.  They are very large, have massive blind spots, and sway in stiff winds.  If you’re not used to them, driving them can feel like trying to walk on sand in high heels.

If you plan on renting a moving truck for your next move, you should know what to expect so your drive isn’t anxiety-inducing, or worse.

What to Be Aware of:

Increased stopping distance – Moving trucks are heavy and require greater stopping distance, especially when they are packed with a home’s worth of belongings or when it’s icy.  Don’t follow anybody too closely, and keep your speed moderate.  There’s no reason to be racing people to the next light in a moving truck.

The truck’s height – The trailer on a moving truck is much higher than a car or normal pick-up truck.  Make sure you know the exact height, and double check that you can make it under any bridges or into any parking garages you might come across.

Blind spots – Moving trucks are much longer than personal vehicles, which causes them to have large blind spots in their side mirrors.  And, unfortunately, you can’t exactly look over your shoulder while driving them.

Weight distribution – The broad, tall trailer of moving trucks takes wind like a metal sail.  To make sure your ride is as stable as possible, organize your possessions evenly in the trailer.  Don’t over-stack one side, because it can lead to swaying or tipping in extreme situations.

Slow and Bulky – Moving trucks are slow, bulky and broad.  When driving one, don’t hog up the left lanes you are used to driving in because you’ll end up creating traffic.  When parking to load or unload, try not to block the street, sidewalk or your neighbor’s driveway, if at all possible.

Driving a moving truck isn’t impossible.  Anyone can do it.  However, you need to need to understand that you’re not driving your everyday car.

If you don’t feel comfortable driving a moving truck, or if you plan on moving across the country, it might be a better to consider a You-Pack service.

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