Tipping is not an exact science, yet it’s a subject that many people are hyperaware of and overthink. The bottom line is that it should be seen as an expression of gratitude. You pay for a service, and when certain people—hairstylists, waiters, and yes, movers—perform above and beyond, you should feel compelled to show them how much you appreciate their work.

Other Nice Things to Do

Moving requires a lot of hard labor. However, many crew members do not necessarily expect tips. Other expressions of gratitude are welcomed, such as an invitation into the home or some fresh glasses of lemonade.

Reward Individually

When considering the tip you might leave a crew, try to break it up between members. That way, if you can pick out certain movers who worked extra hard, you can reward them.

Did They Do a Good Job?

Make sure to take a cursory look around at your possessions and how they were handled during the move. If a crew was especially careful with your furniture at the expense of getting the job done as quickly as possible, you know they went above and beyond. A good baseline at which to tip is 5%. Feel free to go over and under depending on your experience with a particular company.

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