What Are Moving Out Cleaning Services?

Is your apartment a mess?

Cause you’re going to need to clean it before you move out. Otherwise, your landlord will do it for you, then there goes your rental deposit… most of it, at least.

But, man, you’ve reeallly let that place go for a year. I mean, that once-plush carpet is matted with gray now, and your shower has stains that look like skin, and your sink is rusted with food. How’d it get that gross? Oh lordy…

It’s time to hire a moving out cleaning service. They’re used to this sort of thing. In fact, for them, on a scale of 1 to worst, your place barely cracks a 2. They are the professionals. Here’s how and why you should hire them:

What Do Moving Out Cleaning Services Do?

Moving out cleaning services are like any cleaning service. They come to your place and scrub it till it’s shiny and smells faintly of fruit. However, they have a special focus on restoring your place to its initial grandeur — before you moved in. They’re used to the heavy cleaning that comes with cleaning a place that hasn’t been cleaned in months, and they specialize in deep cleans.

Though all companies are different, most will offer the following:

  • Basic cleaning – Sweep, mop, dust, scrub, trash.
  • Degreasing – Such as your crusted stovetop and oven interior.
  • Deep scrubbing – Your showers, toilets and sinks, walls, counters…
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Polishing & waxing – Some wood work or metals might need some extra work to restore their sheen. Some goes for tiling and other flooring.
  • Wash furniture – They’ll do their best to get the stains out of your rental’s couch.
  • Window wiping

What they won’t do (usually):

  • Paint – That’s for painters.
  • Mend walls – That’s for carpenters.
  • Fix fixtures – That’s also for carpenters, or relevant specialists.
  • Plumbing – That’s for plumbers.
  • Electrical issues – That’s for electricians.


If it sounds like you can use a moving out cleaning service, then it’s time to start looking at how much cleaning services cost to determine whether they’re worth it.


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