Got your bottle of 409 and scrubs?

It’s almost time, then, to get cleaning your place for moving out. However, before you start wiping, mopping and digging up grime, take a look at out moving out cleaning checklist.’s Cleaning Checklist

In order from first to last–

  1. Repair & repaint walls
  2. Repair any broken items – Like blinds, handrails, etc.
  3. Clean the fridge – Defrost it, too.
  4. Clean the kitchen appliances – Including the oven.
  5. Clean furniture – Scrub out stains, wash covers.
  6. Wash windows, blinds and screens
  7. Unpack all drawers and cabinets
  8. Dust everything – Counters, cabinets, fridge-tops…
  9. Scrub everything – Toilets, sinks, counters
  10. Wipe everything down – Use cleaning products (like 409) and polish/wax/finishing where necessary.
  11. Sweep floors & vacuum carpet
  12. Mop floors
  13. Wax floors (if necessary)
  14. Wash carpets (if necessary)
  15. Review – Check for any missed items, stains, and problem areas.

Hire help – If things are clearly not cleaned enough, and you’ve done your best, it’s time to hire a professional. Learn how to hire a cleaning service.


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