How to Save Money When Moving

Want to cheapen your move?

There are many ways to save money when moving. Some are big-time budget cutters. Others can help save you a few dollars here and there. Both can help make your move more financially manageable.

Read on to learn about some of the best ways to save money moving.

Tips for Saving Money When Moving

The #1 way for saving money moving is to sell your stuff. Selling stuff you don’t need, especially the big stuff, will permit you to make an easier, cheaper move, and it will put some extra cash in your wallet. Beyond that, here are some more money saving tips:

Big Savings

  1. Negotiate with movers – If you talk to multiple movers and ask the right questions, you might be able to get a great price.
  2. Ship your stuff – If you don’t have to move any large furniture, shipping moving boxes can save you thousands of dollars.
  3. Have a good moving contract – Avoid hidden fees and expensive, unnecessary terms. Learn more about moving contracts.
  4. Do it yourself – Handling as much as you can on your own can save you a lot.

It-Adds-Up Savings

  1. Get free moving supplies – Find free moving supplies or use what you have and save up to $200.
  2. Move mid-month – Mid-month and mid-week are the cheapest time to move.  Weekends, especially the last weekend of the month, are the most expensive.
  3. Tax Deductions – In some rare cases you can deduct the cost of your move from your taxes.
  4. Find help online – There are many contractors out there who will help you with small tasks, like moving a bed, for a small price.
  5. Don’t get storage – Even short-term storage can cost a couple hundred dollars.
  6. Get free moving quotes I mean, why not?


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