When Is the Cheapest Time to Move?

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Want to make the cheapest move?

Like the price of plane tickets, moving rates depend on a variety factors like day of the month, weekends or weekdays, and time of the day.  If you want to choose the cheapest moving option, then you need to factor in timing.

Unfortunately, when you’re hiring movers, you don’t have the luxury of being able to move whenever you feel like it.  This can hamper making a cheap move.  Here are some things to consider if you’re trying to decide whether to move on your own.

  • What is the cheapest day of the month?

Most people move on the first of a month to squeeze as much out of their lease as possible. Summer months are especially popular because they are an opportune time to move children and have them adjusted when school starts in the fall. Although moving in the summertime can be unavoidable, in particular if you have children going to school, try to aim for the middle of the month because rates go down significantly. Moving companies know how to manipulate the traffic of potential customers by encouraging them to opt for less popular days. All they have to do is lower prices for days in the middle of the month.

  • What is the cheapest time of the day?

Moving at the crack of dawn is cheaper than in the middle of the day. During the summer, it is more comfortable for a moving company to work in the morning. Morning rates are also cheaper to encourage people to fill up those empty appointment slots. It’s easier to avoid mid-day traffic as well. The sooner a crew begins a job, the sooner they can look forward to finishing.

  • What about weekdays versus weekends?

Tuesday is the cheapest day to buy gas, so budget and plan your move accordingly. If you’re moving on your own, which is the best way to save money all around, definitely try to fill your tank up on a Tuesday. With all the heavy furniture in your rented truck, your mileage will go down for sure. Depending on how far you’re moving, especially if out of state, the difference in price will be noticeable.

If you’re not moving on your own, if you’re hiring a moving company, Tuesdays as well as Wednesdays are the best days to move. Companies lower their prices for the cheaper gas, and it’s also easier for them to schedule you in during times that are not their peak times—the weekend. Rates on Tuesdays and Wednesdays will be slightly less convenient for you, but the lower rates are perhaps worth it to move in the middle of the week.

  • What about packing on your own?

It is always, always cheaper to pack and prepare for a move on your own. The reason why moving company rates can sometimes feel so exorbitant is that they count on you to be too busy or lazy to plan a full service move on your own. If you feel up for it, though, definitely consider renting a truck, boxing your stuff up, and doing it all without outside help. You will be able to choose your own cheapest time to move and not schedule things around moving company rates.

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