Moving during the Summer

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Are you moving this summer?

60% of America’s moves happen during the summer, and for good reason: it’s warmer, the days are longer, and the kids aren’t in school.

However, with the heat comes hardship.  The summer sun makes for very sweaty, uncomfortable moves, and dehydration is a constant threat.

If you’re going to be moving during the summer, keep these things in mind:

Tips for Summer Moves:

  • Stay hydrated – Drink a lot of water during the move, especially if it’s hot or humid outside.
  • Wear sunscreen – If you’re pulling a do-it-yourself move, you’ll be in and out a lot.  If it’s sunny, make sure to protect your skin.
  • Check the weather – Summer downpours and storms can swoop in and drench any move.  Check the weather to make sure you won’t be caught in one, and plan accordingly if you will be.
  • Avoid the afternoon – Try to get your move done in the morning and evening hours, which are cooler.  If it’s really hot out, you might want to consider moving at night.
  • Be mindful of perishables – If you have belongings that can be damaged by high temperatures, be sure to get them out of the truck as soon as possible.

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