When Is the Best Time to Move?

Need to pick a moving date?

So, you decided to move. Now you need to decide when to move.

All of your moving decisions will stem from your moving date, so you need to pick a date that will work for you and your family before you start planning.

School and Job Considerations

If you are moving with kids or if you are working on a degree, try to move a couple weeks before classes start, if possible.  This will let you and your kids get acquainted with the area before the first day of class.  Check here to learn how to find a new school.

Much like school start dates, news jobs usually have a specific start date. Moving a week or two before that date will give you ample time to settle down and prepare for your new position.


Seasonal Considerations

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, over 60% of moves take place between June and October. The reason for this is simple: it’s nice out. It’s much easier to drive, load up vehicles and carry heavy things when it isn’t raining or the ground isn’t icy and your hands aren’t numb.

However, with summer comes heat.  And if you’re going to hire a moving company, you can generally expect rates to be higher during the summer months.


  • Of the Week – Any day of the week will work for moving, but roadways are generally less busy during the weekend.  Additionally, most people don’t have to work during the weekend.
  • Of the Day – Rush hour traffic can be brutal to move in, and moving at night could raise the risk of tripping or breaking something while loading and unloading.  The safest and most efficient time to move is late morning or early afternoon.


  • Across Town – If you have to move across town, you can probably designate one day to your move.  You can also enjoy the luxury of taking multiple trips in your own vehicle.
  • Across State – If you’re moving across the state or to a nearby state, you will need to designate an entire day to your move, and you will need to make sure you can do everything in one trip.  You might need a moving company.
  • Across Country – Moving across the country will require at least a couple of days, probably more like three.  Even if you plan on flying and hiring a moving company to do all the hard work, you still have to account for the fact that all of your stuff will be in transit for a least two days.

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