Are you stuck moving at night?

Us humans don’t have the nightvision of cats… yet… so, if you need to move at night, you will need to brighten your move with some light.  Here’s how:

Moving at Night Guide

Shorten your walk – Back your moving truck into the driveway or garage, so that you have as short a distance to travel as possible.

Use flood lamps – Buy a few flood lamps to light up large, dark areas and walks. You can purchase them for as little at $15 at a hardware store.

Carry a flashlight – Always have a flashlight on hand so you can see what you’re grabbing.  A mini flashlight or a cell phone with a flashlight app would be best because they can fit in your pocket.

Use glowsticks – Placing glowsticks on steps can help you gauge their depth.

Turn on the lights – Make sure you have electricity before you move in, then turn on all the lights in the home and outside while moving in.

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