Safety first on moving day…

Moving can be dangerous in more ways than one.  Sure, there’s always the threat of the proverbial pulled back, but picking up boxes the right way isn’t the only thing to consider.  The weather, transportation, and protecting your stuff are all aspects of moving safety that any mover should keep in mind.

This article will break down the different potential pitfalls in a move.  Click on any topic to get more information.

Moving Heavy Furniture – there are many ways you can hurt yourself when moving heavy objects, from straining muscles to smashing fingers.  Learn how to avoid these hazards.

Driving a Moving Truck – driving a moving truck is not like driving your sedan.  Learn the basics so you don’t lose control on the road.

Weather Considerations – the weather can affect your move in many ways.  Learn how to move in the rain, the snow, the heat and the night.

Moving Insurance – mover’ insurance is the only way to truly protect your belongings during a move.  Learn how to insure your stuff.

Moving with Children – children can complicate a move like nothing else.  Make sure your children, especially very young ones, are kept out of the foot traffic during moving day.