Pet Moving Companies

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Do you need help moving Fido?

Not every pet owner can move their pet alone.  Some loving owners just don’t have the space, the time or the expertise.  Fortunately, that’s what pet movers are for.

Pet moving companies will transport your pet to your new home while doing what’s necessary to keep your pet safe and satisfied.  Here’s how to find a good pet mover:

Decide By Air or Ground

Pet moving companies will either fly your pet or drive your pet to your new home. Whether you look for an air or ground company depends on where you need your pet to go. If you’re moving across the county or to a different country, you’ll probably need some air support.  If you’re moving the next state over, try ground first.

Find a Trustworthy Company

This is your pet we’re talking about.  Make sure you take the time to research the pet moving company’s credentials.  You’ll want to read some online reviews of their services or get some references.  Make sure they’re safe to use.

You’ll also want to check that they can provide the following services:

  • Bathroom breaks
  • Walks (if applicable)
  • Food
  • Medical support
  • Climate-controlled transportation

Get Quotes

Just like normal moving companies, pet movers will charge different prices depending on the type of pet, where he/she is going, and the services he/she needs provided (food, walks, etc).  Make sure to talk to numerous pet movers to make sure you find the most affordable one.

Also, ask for a rundown of their costs to ensure you don’t get hit by any unexpected fees, like housing if you can’t pick up your pet right away.

If you think a pet moving company is too pricey, learn how to move your pet on your own!