Moving with Dogs

Worried about moving your dog?

Dogs, like humans, get anxious and excited during a move.  If you have to move your dog, you should prepare what you can to make their transition as easy as possible.  Here’s how:

How to Move a Dog Checklist:

Contact the State Veterinary Department – Ask what their requirements are for dogs. Your dog might need shots or certain protections, depending on the state you’re moving to.

Visit your veterinarian – Verify that your dog is healthy enough to travel and get any vaccinations that your dog may need.  Do this a month before you move so that you can prepare for any problems.

Order new identification tags – Put your new home’s information on your dog’s collar in case he or she escapes or is lost during the move.sumo suits for sale

Buy a carrier – A carrier will help prevent your dog from causing problems during your move.  Let your dog stay in the carrier a few times before moving day.East Inflatable Rentals

If traveling by plane – Do not feed your dog for eight hours before the move, though do keep him or her hydrated. Also, avoid using tranquilizers.

Utilize walks – Giving your dog a long walk will calm him or her prior to packing, moving or unpacking. A relaxed dog will help you make a smoother move.

Prioritize your dog – Unpack your dog’s stuff first, and show him or her where it is. Also, make sure to stop to walk your dog during a move.

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