Wondering how to move your cat?

If moving seems overwhelming to you, imagine how stressful it is for your cat. They don’t want to be asked to move out of the window they’ve been sunbathing in, let alone be asked to move homes.  Fortunately, there is plenty you can do to ease them through the transition.

Moving Your Cat Checklist:

Contact the state veterinary department – Ask what their requirements are for cats. Your cat might need shots or certain protections.

Visit your veterinarian – Verify that your cat is healthy enough to travel, and get any vaccinations that your cat may need.

Order new identification tags – Include your new address and phone number in case your cat escapes or is lost during the move.

Buy a transportation carrier – Let your cat explore the carrier on his or her own. Place treats or toys in it so your cat is more willing to check it out.

If traveling by plane – Do not feed your cat for eight hours before the move, though do keep him or her hydrated. Also, avoid using tranquilizers.

Maintain a routine
– Try to keep meals on the same schedule during the move.

Prioritize your cat – Unpack and show your cat where its litter box, food bowl and any other toys are. Do this before anything else.

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