Are you wondering how to safely move a bird?

It’s natural for a bird owner to worry about their pet during a move.  Fortunately, there are plenty of simple, practical things you can do to help your bird adjust.

Moving a Bird Checklist:

Contact the State Veterinary Department – Ask what the requirements are for birds in the state you are moving to. A few states do not allow certain breeds of birds to be kept as pets.inflatable castle

Visit your bird’s veterinarian – At least a month before your moving date, get a checkup for your bird and obtain a health certificate.

Purchase a travel carrier – Whether you’re driving or flying, your bird will need a transportable carrier. To acclimate your bird to the carrier, have your bird spend the night in it for 1-2 weeks before the move.

Use a Blackout Curtain – Whether driving OR flying, a blackout curtain can help reduce your bird’s stress.

Keep the car windows up – Birds do not like drafts.

Prioritize your bird – Recreate his space exactly as it was before the moving, attaching his perch, swing, water dishes, and or toys in the same places.  Do this immediately upon moving in.

Warning: If your bird begins pulling out his feathers, try calming him or her with soothing conversation.  If he or she doesn’t stop within a day, see a veterinarian immediately.  Pulling feathers can become a recurring habit, so it’s best to address it quickly.

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