Is it okay to get an estimate over the phone?

Sure. But don’t count on it being the final price.

Over-the-phone estimates are great ways to get an idea of the answer to this question: how much does it cost to move? Just call up a moving company, tell them how many rooms you have, what large appliances and furniture you have, and any difficulties, like stairs or thin hallways, and they’ll name a price.

But that price isn’t final. Even after a long phone call, the moving company doesn’t know exactly what they are getting into. You might have left important details out by accident or because you didn’t know they were important, and the moving company might end up charging you for them in the end.

Now, it’s possible to take that over-the-phone estimate and get a binding, flat rate moving price. But it’s not probable, because few moving companies are willing to sign a binding rate before seeing your place.

So, get all the over-the-phone estimates you want. Just make sure that you take care when signing the moving contract, because that estimate probably won’t be the final price.


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