Cheapest Way to Ship Boxes

Finding cheap shipping can be done.

There are four steps to finding the cheap shipping.  First, though, you need to determine if shipping is an option.

If you’re going to ship items, they need to fit in a moving box. Furniture and other heavy or large possessions, like pianos and flat screen TVs, are not shippable, though large moving pods might still be an option.

If you can fit everything into moving boxes, here’s how to find the cheapest shipping:

Four Steps to Finding Affordable Shipping

  1. Pack Light – If you can keep your boxes under 70 pounds, shipping by mail is an option.  Additionally, the lighter the box, the cheaper it is to ship, no matter what service you use.
  2. Don’t Oversize – Keep the size of your moving boxes manageable. Extra large boxes may take delivery companies, like UPS, and mail out of the question.
  3. Check Trains – Trains can be by far the cheapest way to ship items. However, you need to be near a train station. Before you do anything, check Amtrak and other train companies for locations and pricing.
  4. Research Multiple Options – Some You-Pack companies and delivery services are notorious for charging high prices.  Often you can find a competitor offering rates at a fraction of the cost. Finding cheap shipping requires research.


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