What Is a Partial DITY Move?

Letting the military move you?

Well, try to at least fill up your station wagon, because you can get paid for a partial DITY move.

Partial DITY moves are military moves where you move some of your stuff with you. And like normal DITY moves, where the military pays you 95% of what it would cost the military to move your stuff, partial DITY moves get that 95% rate for the portion that you move.Cars Speedway best

So, if you can at least drive a car-full of stuff, you can get a bit of cash for it.

Tips for Partial DITY Moves

If you want to make a partial DITY move, you should make it worth your time my moving some heavy stuff. The military calculates its cost based on weight and distance, so moving a bunch of clothes won’t get you much in return. These other things will:

  • Dishes
  • Books
  • Electronics
  • Furniture – Possible if you have a pick-up truck.
  • Sculptures/lawn ornaments

Because you’ll be driving your belongings in your car, you’ll want to plan your trip well. You get $180 per day for lodging and $85 for meals and travel; use it all to stay in safe hotels off the grid.

Also, take your most expensive items into the hotel room.



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