What Is a Personally Procured Transportation Move?

Is it DITY or PPM?

It’s both. DITY (Do-It-Yourself) and PPM (Personally Procured Transportation Move) both refer to the same thing: when military service members plan and handle their own moves.

Why would anybody want to do that, though? I mean, the military will do everything for you if you just ask them to…

Well, there are a few reasons. Number one is the service member can earn money by moving him or herself. That’s right. Read on to learn more about how personally-procured transportation moves work.


What Is a Personally-Procured Transportation Move?

Sometimes simply referred to as PPM (personally procured moves) or DITY (do-it-yourself), these moves involve a military member coordinating his or her own move.

The catch is this: the military will pay for PPM/DITY moves. The military calculates how much it would cost it to move the service member, then it pays him or her 95% of that total price. If the military member can move for less than that, they get to keep the change.

Beyond that and some procedures (discussed below), PPM moves are just like any other move. They involve finding a moving service, signing a moving contract, packing belongings, getting insurance, loading, driving… in other words, everything.

What Do I Need to Do to Make a Personally Procured Move?

Let the military know – First step is to notify your Traffic Management Office (TMO) or Personal Property Shipping Office (PPSO). All military branches and bases differ; ask someone if you have questions.

The TMO will use a system called the Defense Personally Property System to calculate how much your move would cost the military, often referred to as the Government Constructive Cost (GCC). With that price in order, you can decide whether you want to make the PPM or let the military handle it for you.

Get the documentation – Before you move, you will need to fill out some paperwork.  Also, during you move, you will need to weigh your vehicle and keep the receipt, along with any other receipts you want reimbursement for, like hotel stays (these amounts are paid through other programs).

Let the military know (again) – After you move, you must provide receipts to the TMO within 45 days (subject to change). They will then pay you 95% of the GCC.



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