How to Say Goodbye When Moving

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Are you sad about moving?

Moving means leaving your home, your neighborhood, your favorite spots… it means saying goodbye to your friends, family and coworkers.  It can be melancholic to say the least.

However, beyond getting excited about your new home, there are some good ways of coming to terms with saying goodbye.  Here’s how:

Enjoy Your Favorite Places One Last Time

It might be a while before you can eat at your go-to restaurant or chill at your favorite park again, so make sure to have one last go before you move.  Enjoying your favorite things a final time will make you feel a bit more satisfied on moving day.  Some things you might want to consider hitting up:

  • Bars/Restaurants/Shops
  • Hikes/Runs/Bike Rides
  • Relaxation Spots – Beaches, parks, river walks…
  • Events – Sporting events, plays, movies…
  • Exploring – Just go out an wander your city one last time.

Buy a Souvenir for Your New Home

It might sound ridiculous to buy a souvenir from your hometown, but if you’re moving, it makes a lot of sense.  In a few months, it will be a great way to decorate your new home and remember your time spent in your old one.  Here are some ideas:

  • Plants – For example, if you’re leaving Arizona, buy a cactus.
  • Artwork – Buy a painting or a sculpture from a local artist or shop.
  • Lawn Decorations – Get something that represents your current home.

Have a Moving-Away Party

A moving-away party is a great way to create closure between you and the people you’re closest to.  It gives you all one last positive memory before you leave.

Moving-away parties, like any party, are very subjective… only you will know what’s best.  However, there are some fundamental things to keep in mind:

  • Choose a place soaked in memories – If you and your friends spent many summer nights on a patio, have the party there. If you used to frequent a restaurant or bar, have it there.  In other words, enjoy a place you have enjoyed many times before.
  • Don’t invite the world – You want to be able to spend meaningful time with the people you are closest to, so don’t invite everybody you’ve known and their sister.
  • Keep it simple – Don’t plan on cooking a five course feast or slaving to make everything just right.  You want to spend your time with your friends.
  • Keep it open ended – Don’t plan an afternoon party if you have to be somewhere at 7:00 that night.  Cutting things off early is like throwing water on a fire.  You want your party to smolder with laughs and memories as long as feels right.

Once you’re comfortable moving away from your old one, it’s time to start exploring your new home.