Want to stop being homesick?

Where you live affects who you are.  It’s where you spend your days and sleep away your nights.  It’s where you hang out, buy groceries, eat dinner, watch TV…

So, wherever you move, you should make sure to do your best to enjoy it, even if you’d prefer to be elsewhere.  Here’s how to get over being homesick:

Adjusting to a New Place

Meet new people – Gaining new friends is the quickest way to get comfortable in a new area.  They are people to share experiences with and take your mind off of your old friends.

Embrace nature – No matter where you live, you should be able to find some beautiful, if not awe-inspiring, nature within a short drive.  Whether it be forests, desert landscapes, mountain trails or beaches, embrace the new and unique nature of your new area.

Tip: Look for national forests, botanical gardens, or even just a nearby river or forest preserve.

Taste the cuisine – Try the local restaurants in your new town, not just the Applebee’s.  There’s a good chance you’ll find a couple very good restaurants in even the smallest of towns.

Also, discover the regional cuisine (such as barbecue, Mexican food, seafood, etc.) and embrace it.  Try it at a few different places, and also try to cook it yourself.

Wear the right clothes – Did you move from Phoenix to Chicago?  Then buy a new winter jacket; your windbreaker isn’t going to cut it.  Did you move from Chicago to Phoenix?  Then buy some shorts, sandals and light shirts.  In other words, don’t stubbornly stick to you prior wardrobe.

Attend events, bars, coffee shops – Go to events and local watering holes.  There you will be able to find conversation, insight and news about your new hometown.  Sometimes you just need to find a good place to feel at home in a new town.

Join clubs – Joining a club is a great way to meet people and get involved.  Even if you hate your new town, you might love what people are trying to do in it.  Also, if you have some good ideas for making your new town better, why not join forces with some other people to try to make them a reality?

Follow the sports teams – Even if you’re not a sports fan, embracing a local team can be a great way to integrate yourself into a new community.  Simply knowing whether Team X won last night can spark conversation, and going to a game can provide a weekly or monthly highlight.

If you’re homesick, also try turning your new home into a place fit for your tastes.

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