How to Set Up a Patio

A patio is a valuable asset to have.  They can serve as fantastic places to host company or provide visitors with a change of pace or breath of fresh.  They can be used as spots to watch fireworks, share drinks on a warm summer night, or serve hot dogs and hamburgers.

Despite what patios have to offer, many people let them go to waste, looking like this, this or this.  They are treated as mere extensions of the back or front yard, not as extensions of the house.

If you are moving into a place with a patio, make sure to take advantage of it.  Here are some quick and inexpensive things that will make your patio night-worthy:

  • A plastic table and some chairs
  • Some potted plants or flowers
  • A grill
  • An umbrella
  • Something to play music with
  • A game: such as bocce, cornhole, horseshoes, or even a putting green

For more tips on how to liven up your home, check out our article about decorating your new place.


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