How to Move a Refrigerator

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Fridges are difficult to move.

They are bulky, heavy things with doors and drawers and removable trays.  Moving a refrigerator takes some care and know-how.  Here’s what to do:

  1. Unplug it – Unplug the electricity and turn off the water connection. Do this at least fifteen minutes before moving the fridge.
  2. Clean it – Take out any food, and wipe off the top of the fridge so you don’t get dust in your eyes.
  3. Take measurements – Make sure the fridge will fit through whatever door or hall you plan on taking it through.
  4. Fasten the doors – Use rope or a bungee cord to secure the refrigerator’s doors in place, so they don’t open mid-move.
  5. Use a dolly – A fridge is too heavy to pick up, especially if it’s a decade or two old. Get a dolly, slide it underneath the fridge, then slowly lean the fridge onto the dolly.
  6. Secure the fridge – Use rope or bungee cords to tie the fridge to the dolly.

Okay, you’re ready to move it! Carefully, and preferably with the help of someone else, wheel the fridge to the moving truck. Then use the truck’s ramp to get the fridge on board. And check here if you have more difficult things to move.