What is a dolly?

Dollies are platforms on wheels.  They are essential for moving heavy and large things, especially when you don’t have a bunch of people to help you, and sometimes even when you do.

Anyone thinking about pulling a do-it-yourself move should seriously consider buying a dolly.  However, even those who are hiring a moving company should own one for the future, because you never know when you’ll need to move your fridge or couch.

Types of Dollies

There are two basic types of dollies: appliance dollies and furniture dollies.

Furniture dollies are short and broad, square platforms on wheels.  They are often covered in carpeting to prevent scratching and reduce friction.  They are best for large furniture:

Appliance dollies are more slender and have handles. While they aren’t as good for large furniture due to their size, they are great for smaller items and are easier to control than furniture dollies: