Besides moving boxes, do you have all the necessary supplies for your move? To protect your belongings, you will need everything from bubble wrap to furniture slipcovers to tapes and ties. Read more for a quick and easy guide on how to use them during your move.

Bubble Wrap

  • Where can I find this? You can purchase a roll of bubble wrap from places like Amazon or Office Depot. Once you invest in one roll, it will last you for a long time.
  • What do I use it for? Wrap fragile items in bubble wrap for extra protection during your move. Be generous. You can also use it to line your moving boxes to minimize the risk of things bumping around.

Furniture Slipcovers

  • What are they? Furniture slipcovers are plastic covers to wrap around beds, couches, patio sets, or whatever might be important enough to want to keep clean during your move. They will help repel dirt and dust.
  • Where can I find them? Try asking about leftover slipcovers at retail stores like Orchard Supply Hardware or Sleep Train. Sometimes just talking to a manager can help you save money and help the store reduce waste. Otherwise, slipcovers can be purchased from Amazon or Kmart to fit your bed or couch specifically. Make sure to verify the dimensions.


  • What do I use it for? It seems like a silly thing to stock up on before relocating, but tape can make or break your move. Use it to securely seal moving boxes, layer over labels to protect them from smearing, and tape shut your dresser drawers.
  • What sort of tape should I look for? For extra strength, go with duct tape. For as many uses as possible, go with clear duct tape. As mentioned above, you can prevent smearing on your moving boxes by layering clear duct tape over any writing or labeling.


  • What do I use it for? Moving ties, like strong duct tape, can be used to keep pieces of furniture closed—cabinets, drawers, etc. Heavy duty moving straps are in a league all of their own, however. Use them to tie and carry pianos and refrigerators. They’re also perfect for loading and unloading heavy equipment from appliance trucks.
  • What if I’m hiring people for a professional move? You don’t need to worry about purchasing heavy duty moving straps. A moving crew that specializes in transporting heavy furniture will already have professional grade moving ties installed with buckles, hooks, and springs at the ready.

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