Need to move your booze?


Good TV: $1,000

Nice Computer: $1,200

Baller Liquor Collection: $1,500+

Alcohol costs money. If you want good alcohol, it’s costs a lot of money (upwards of $50 a bottle). Therefore, if you’re going to have an impressive liquor collection, one with a broad selection of quality brands and mixers, then you better expect to shed some cash.

And if you have to move that collection, then you better expect to take special care. Otherwise, you might end up with a moving box dripping with booze and filled with broken glass.

The Dos:

Your two priorities when moving liquor bottles should be cushioning and space. The more cushioning you provide and the more space your give your bottles, the safer they will be.

  • Tape down corks and loose bottle caps.
  • If using tape, be careful not to get any on the label, otherwise your $50 bottle of Scotch will have ripped face.
  • Wrap bottles in towels or bubble wrap, and tape the cushioning firmly in place.
  • Pack your bottles side by side in a sturdy box. If you pack your bottles in two layers, separate the layers with more cushioning.
  • Store your bottles in a moving truck away from things that could fall and crush the box.

Also, check to make sure it’s legal to bring alcohol into your new state.

The Dont’s:

When moving your liquor collection, you need to understand that together your bottles weigh a lot. They are made of glass and liquid, a hefty combo.  Therefore, you need to avoid making two major mistakes when packing and loading them:

  1. Over-loading – If you put too many bottle in a box, there is a good chance it will rip.  Try not to stack your bottles in more than two rows.
  2. Over-lifting – If you try to carry too much, you might drop the box, which would lead to a lot of sadness.

The Myths

If you pack your liquor collection safely, then you have nothing to worry about during the move, because these two concerns are myths and nothing more:

  1. Heat – Heat, such as that in a moving truck‘s trailer or a trunk, does NOT affect liquor quality.
  2. Swishing – Excessive disturbance of liquor, such as during a bumpy ride, does not affect its quality.

Did you get your liquor collection there all in one piece? Well, then, it’s time to have a housewarming party.